CBSE Acc. 12 (Financial) PC Tulsian Ratna Sagar. Ratna Sagar PC Tulsian, PC Tulsian Download PDF Accountancy (Part-A & B) For Class XII Book. His Prominent Publications include the following: Commercial Studies & Applications for Class IX & X (ICSE) • Accountancy for Class XI & XII (CBSE) • Business. Accountancy: A Self-Study Textbook for Class XII - Part A and B Set of 2 Books: hypmarevlimist.gq: P.C. Tulsian, Bharat Tuslian: Books.

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Jain and Narang – Advanced Accountancy. hypmarevlimist.gqari – Advanced Accountancy. R.L. Gupta, hypmarevlimist.gq – Financial Accounting. hypmarevlimist.gqn. PRADEEPS Fundamental physics class 12 both volumes. Safdarjang Enclave | Delhi. Product Type Book. Contact Chat Now. CBSE - Tulsian's Accountancy Part - A (Class 12): A Self-study Textbook 1st Edition by Bharat Tulsian, P. C. Tulsian from hypmarevlimist.gq

Admission of a Partner Download CBSE Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Admission of a Partner Admission of a partner - effect of admission of a partner on change in the profit sharing ratio, treatment of goodwill as per AS 26 , treatment for revaluation of assets and reassessment of liabilities, treatment of reserves and accumulated profits, adjustment of capital accounts and preparation of balance sheet.

Preparation of loan account of the retiring partner. Calculation of deceased partner's share of profit till the date of death.

Preparation of deceased partner's capital account, executor's account and preparation of balance sheet. Public subscription of shares - over subscription and under subscription of shares; issue at par and at premium, calls in advance and arrears excluding interest , issue of shares for consideration other than cash. Accounting treatment of forfeiture and re-issue of shares.

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Disclosure of share capital in company's Balance Sheet. Issue of debentures for consideration other than cash; Issue of debentures with terms of redemption; debentures as collateral security-concept, interest on debentures.

Redemption of debentures: Lump sum, draw of lots and download in the open market excluding ex-interest and cum-interest. Creation of Debenture Redemption Reserve.

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Majumdar, R. Maheshwari, S.

Jain, S. Shukla — Advanced Accountancy.

Vinayakam, V. Charumati — Fnancial Accounting. Jain and Narang — Advanced Accountancy.

Maheswari — Advanced Accountancy. Gupta, V. Gupta — Financial Accounting.

Accountancy Ebook - Class 12 - Part 2 (1).pdf

Tulsian — Financial Accounts. Mukhopadhyay — Practical Guide to Accountancy.

Agarwal — Financial Accounting Advance - Vol. A business may be organised in the form of a sole proprietorship, a partnership firm or a company.Their Balance sheet as on 31st December.

Anbu Rs. Call is an instalment due on shares.

Then two or more persons join hands to run it. X Old ratio 3 2 5: Their capitals on 1.