CoverActionPro has been redesigned from the ground up with new 3D technology ebooks, or creating an incentive to get your prospects to take action and. What we do is convert our blank generic product photography shots into Photoshop Cover Actions. How about blank paperback book templates that generate a fully editable multi-layered graphic PSD file? Our Blank Magazine PSD cover action templates are also available for download. We also have plenty of tools and Photoshop actions to help you create 3D ebook cover images for both hardcover and paperback. Make your.

3d Ebook Cover Action

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Click on the link below to download this free Photoshop action script: TrafficSources' Free Ebook Cover Creator. +1 UPDATE: 3D Vista. Our Photoshop cover actions can automatically generate a rendering of your book cover in various positions to promote your novella on your website. These are. Another useful Photoshop Action that will help any image into ebook cover. You can create flat or 3d ebook cover using this Photoshop Action and it is available.

Select option 3D Book on the menu bar. Upload a front cover image. You can choose to upload an image for the spine and back cover too optional. It takes 30 seconds to 5 minutes to have your new 3D image ready. The better the image quality, the more time it will take. Free Real-Life Mockup Generator Other than creating 3D book cover on a transparent background, the tools below allow you to create 3D covers against photorealistic background.

All the templates are for free.

Simply choose the mockup styles that you want to use, and upload a picture. Then, right-click to save the 3D picture to your computer.

No sign-up required. SmartMockups is another great tool for creating stunning 3D marketing images.

Photoshop PSD Cover Action Free Files For Download

You can make a great-looking mockup for your webpage, book, t-shirt, hat and more. You can get good quality 3D mockups for personal and commercial use, without any attribution. Mockupsjar With Mockupsjar , you can create realistic mockups for your eBook, mobile apps, websites and more in 3 easy steps. Photofunia With PhotoFunia , you can add a spark to your book covers and product images in only a few seconds. This free tool will help to make your images more original and unique.

There are over templates from different categories that you can use for free. It allows you to showcase your book cover, website or app on devices such as smartphone, desktop, tablet, TV and more without the need of specialized photography equipment.

Go to mockDrop website. Click on any template that you like to use. A cover contributes to the most needed positive first impression and vital to grab the attention of any readers out there.

Some ebook cover is just fine with a plain 2D appearance, but for some, a more realistic 3D layout with shadows and reflections are the better preference.

Best Free Ebook Cover Photoshop Actions

There are commercial ones and free ones, and we will be covering the free ones over here. However you can grab a trial copy of Photoshop or just get a friend who has a copy and create all the ebook covers you want. Click on the link below to download this free Photoshop action script: So hope over and check this out. You get to see some samples as well in this page.

So do check out this file before you proceed.

As the name suggests, this Photoshop action script basically creates a 3D Vista software box style. Grab it now and start photoshopping! Click on the link below to download this action script: Meaning that if you drag your height to be px you need to have your original image to have the same exact height.

I might be wrong here, but from some testing, I guess that must be the case. This software allows you to create box covers as well. Download link below: Covers box covers as well.

This is actually quite easy to use with the quite straight forward interface. Check it out: This is a very simple online tool to create a plain and simple 3D ebook cover. There are no images involved and you just need to type in your ebook title and your name to get the final images.

Not sure on how you can utilize this method, perhaps if you want to create a level of suspense on your upcoming ebook, an empty looking ebook cover such as this should do the trick. Alternatively, you can copy the image and just insert your own image. Any graphics editor should work well. Check this out: Thanks for the recommendation, will update the list.

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I had this in my list, but this site simply generates way too many popups, even just by clicking on the fields.Download Magazines. These are free psd file downloads for you to use for private and commercial use!

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So do check out this file before you proceed. Designing Book Covers That Sell.

Best Free Ebook Cover Photoshop Actions

If you are going to publish your first ebook or have plans to do so , good for you. Did you know that you can create your own 3D cover in just a few minutes, without spending any money or wasting precious time? It allows you to showcase your book cover, website or app on devices such as smartphone, desktop, tablet, TV and more without the need of specialized photography equipment.

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