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After all, right before bed is the most convenient, logical time for sex. There are a myriad of other routine tasks occupying both you and her throughout the day, and it6s only at night before bed that you have a few moments to spare for each other.

Wouldn6t this seem like the best time for sex in a relationship? This is because it can become nauseatingly predictable after having the same missionary style sex in the same bed, in the same room, at the same time for years, she will be able to see your advances coming from a mile away.

And even if she has good intentions of sexually pleasing you as most women do , she cannot help but be turned off by this unrelieved monotony. For this reason, I actually recommend NOT trying to have sex with your girlfriend or wife on most nights just before bed.

Daniel Rose's Sex God Method

If it doesn6t happen naturally, just go to sleep. This will be very difficult at first, but soon you6ll find that her libido is greatly increased at other times throughout the day. You6ll find that she6s much more eager for sex in the mornings, in the evenings, and even in the middle of the night. Once you6ve relieved her of the burden of the tedious nightly sex routine, you6ll find that her natural sex drive will come back to life again.

Have sex in high-risk situations when you6re not MsupposedN to Again, remember that the enemy of your sex life in a long term relationship is that sex between you and your girlfriend or wife is now acceptable, sensible, and logical.

You want to actively work to make having sex with you as illogical, highrisk, and taboo as possible. For a woman you just met this would be exactly the wrong thing to do, but in a long-term relationship it is necessary to combat pressure.

This is why Mbad boysN seem have no problem getting sex from their girlfriends even after being in a relationship for years, while Mnice guysN who keep sex low-risk and safe always seem to be sleeping on the couch. Unfortunately, most of the ways that the bad boys use to keep sex exciting are extremely destructive, such as having sex with her with no condom when she6s not on birth control, or having sex with her within earshot of one of her past lovers who would be devastated if he heard another man having sex with her.

While women WILL be aroused by these destructive techniques, they are not recommended because of the longterm damage they cause. Instead, focus on ways to make her perceive having sex with you as high-risk and taboo which don6t actually hurt your relationship or others.

Some ways that you can do this: Have sex when you6re sleeping over a friend6s house, or somewhere where you have to be quiet in order to prevent being McaughtN Have sex which makes you Mlate for work.

N Ordinarily this would be a bad idea as it would probably get you fired, but a good trick is to tell her that you have to be at work half an hour before you actually do.

Once you6re Mabout to leaveN and sex is now taboo, you6ll probably find that she6s suddenly in the mood.

Sex God Method

Tell her that you shouldn6t be doing this as you undress each other. Then, afterwards, hurry off to the job you6re MlateN to. This way you can have your cake and eat it too: you can have that MtabooN sex, while not actually damaging your professional life.

Videotape her having sex with you, and have her perform for the camera. This is risky sexual behavior for her because she6s taking the chance that the tape will someday be used against her, but within the trust of a long-term relationship this will actually make sex more exciting. Don6t force sex if she6s not in the mood This is another one which can be difficult especially if your sex life has already started to go downhill, but it6s absolutely critical if you want to have great sex in your relationship.

By persistently trying to force sex when she6s not in the mood, you are shooting yourself in the foot and killing her long-term sexual attraction to you. Remember the more pressure there is for her to have sex with you, the less she will WANT to have sex with you. Any type of explicit pressure that you put on her to have sex with you is intensely damaging to her sexual desire for you, and should be avoided at all costs. This includes: Acting pissed off or depressed because she won6t have sex with you Trying to have a Mserious talkN about your sex life, or attempting to logically convince her to have sex with you Trying for sex repeatedly after she6s told you she6s not in the mood Directly or indirectly threatening to leave the relationship or otherwise withdraw from her unless he has sex with you While it6s very tempting to engage in this type of behavior if she hasn6t had sex with you for a while, you must resist the urge.

Although it may be difficult at first, you6ll find that if you stay relaxed and don6t pressure her while also using the other techniques in this chapter her sex drive will soon return to normal. Occasionally tease her, then DON6T have sex with her A technique that I6ve found extremely effective in monogamous relationships is to tease her and get her extremely turned on, then to NOT have sex with her.

This is another technique which would completely backfire with a woman you just met, but which works wonders in a longterm relationship or marriage.

By teasing her and then denying her the sexual pleasure she craves, she will feel intense feelings of deprivation and anger for a short amount of time. This adds the all-important element of RISK to your sex life again now when she initiates sex with you, it6s not completely safe and predictable.

She6s taking a chance that maybe you6ll get her really turned on, then refuse to satisfy her and within the atmosphere of a long-term relationship, this can make sex exciting again.

See a Problem?

Adding Variety 5. Cycle between Manimal attractionN and MrecoveryN in your relationship I6ve observed a lot of couples where the woman became sexually bored with the man after a few years and a few where the woman was still sexually desired her man after 5, 10 or even 20 years.

Some of these couples still having great sex even had kids it didn6t really matter, they still found the time and energy for sex. While you might think the men having great sex after 10 or 20 years were the ones who were the most stable, reliable, and emotionally consistent, this wasn6t what was actually going on. In reality, all the men who were having great sex in the long-term were very emotional guys who sometimes treated their wife well and showed her lots of affection, and sometimes acted distant and aloof towards her.

There seemed to be no logic as to when these guys were doing these things it seemed to be more of a unconscious rhythm of attraction that they fell into.

The main point that he makes in the book is that as humans we try to force a lot of areas of our life to be linear, when they should actually be cyclical and rhythmic.

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For example, many people mistakenly think the best way to work throughout the day is to work steadily, straight through for eight hours.

While this would seem to be the case, actually the best and most productive way to work is to work in short, focused intervals interspersed with short breaks for recovery. There were many, many other applications of this principle as well, and the book really changed my life for the better.

After seeing the power of making important areas of my life cyclical, I also began to thinkcwhat if it6s actually healthy to have cyclical relationships as well? The image that we have of a great relationship is one where both partners are constantly and consistently attracted to each other for decadescbut how many times have you actually seen a couple like this in real life?

I had never seen a couple like this and I still never had so I began to think that the ideal of being steadily and consistently attracted to each other at exactly the same level for decades was an unachievable goal. Maybe, I thought, a healthier and more realistic goal would be to have a relationship which cycles between periods of intense MhoneymoonN attraction where the two of you just can6t get enough of each other, and MrecoveryN periods where you6re both still having sex and are into each other, but the relationship is more focused on relaxation and comfort with each other.

With all the couples I had ever seen who were regularly having great sex after years, this seemed to be what they were doing.

So, I decided to try this in my own relationship life, and I found that it was a great way to keep sex interesting and fresh in a long-term relationship. I found that every few weeks, something would trigger a period of irresistible animal attraction between my girlfriend and I.

The Sex God Method: 4-Steps to Give Her AMAZING Sex

For a few weeks, we would be having sex constantlycthen for no reason at all, it would taper off. We would still be having sex and we were still attracted to each other, but the quality of our relationship was more relaxed and comfortable.

Rather than trying to fight this as I would of before, I would go with the flow and let our relationship fall into this natural rhythm. And then, a few weeks or a month later, we would be in the intense animal attraction cycle again. The result of this was that we were naturally having different types of sex depending on what cycle we were in. In the Manimal attractionN cycle, sex was intensely Dominant. The answer, despite what you may think, is actually pretty fucking simple.

The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

Only an idiot could miss it. Women like dominant men , especially in the bedroom. They want to have their hair pulled, their arms pinned down, and they want to be fucked. Some want to be spanked, choked, smacked, and even spat on. This has been my experience: when I act dominant women like it.

When I tear off their clothes, pin them down, and fuck them, they like it. Learn to get consent and tell if she wants to sleep with you or not.

I usually do it in the order I listed above, and work my way down. Most women are also okay with this. They just want you to be dominant. They want you to be a man. Step 2: Emotion Emotion is a big turn on for women. Call her a dirty little slut and hate-fuck her, or tell her that you love her and ravish her.

The feeling of shock and unexpectedness adds to the eroticism—it turns her on even more. Rating details. Sort order. Mar 17, Rainbowheart rated it did not like it. Disgustingly misogynistic. A sample of the contents They all want you to rip their clothes off over their token objections, to talk dirty to them, and to be helpless as you make them cum over and over again.

There is nothing wrong with this; in fact, it is a very natural and beautiful t Disgustingly misogynistic. There is nothing wrong with this; in fact, it is a very natural and beautiful thing. Give her the sexual pleasure that she lacks the courage to take on her own initiative. Pay no heed to her bad social conditioning, and get in touch with her deepest desires as a natural woman.

She will know that it is you by the sound of your voice. You overcome her struggles and protests and force yourself into her pussy. After you are done with her, you leave her for a few minutes to enhance the negative emotions she feels.

You then come back, and are your normal affectionate self again. More than anything, this is her evolutionary function in life, to take your cum inside her and bear your offspring. Despite what her logical mind tells her, on a deeper level she will always want this.

Telling her that you are going to get her pregnant with your babies while you are having sex will excite her like you would not believe. View all 34 comments. Jul 29, Augusts Bautra rated it it was amazing. Rose has done a great job of revealing the core psychological aspects of masterful sex and his book should rightfully be considered a foundational tome on the subject.

He fails, however, in providing a deeper understanding of the biological aspects of masterful sex, either because he considers the topic too perused or is uninterested in the finer aspects of how the female body works. Either way, if you, like me, care for maximally good sex lives for yourself and your partners, you will get more th Rose has done a great job of revealing the core psychological aspects of masterful sex and his book should rightfully be considered a foundational tome on the subject.

Either way, if you, like me, care for maximally good sex lives for yourself and your partners, you will get more than your money's worth with this book, so go ahead and get yourself a copy. Sep 15, Dan Brennan rated it liked it. An excellent book for maximizing your sexual potential but some of the concepts are a little abstract which will make it more challenging for beginners to implement.

Jan 01, Othman rated it it was ok Shelves: Nov 30, Ali Karimi rated it really liked it. Jun 05, Marko Protrka rated it it was amazing. Everything man needs to know about sex, why do yon need to go through trial and error when you can get high value knowledge from this book. This book is for anyone who wants to improve their sex life. Nov 15, Brandon Nankivell rated it it was amazing Shelves: I will never see things the same way again.

This is a wake-up call to all the men out there. Biggest lesson learnt is that psychological stimulation is so much more important than physical stimulation.

Nov 11, Zandelicious rated it really liked it. Very informative book, on the emphasize on psychology part of the mind. And awesome DEVI framework in piecing everything together. Dec 25, Jevgenij rated it liked it. There are some interesting ideas mostly regarding domination , but too much emphasis is put on dirty talk and the section on physical technique is very poor.

Jan 27, Craig rated it it was amazing Shelves: Best book on the power of sex and how you can improve the psychological and physical things you do to make sex more fun and interesting.The way to do this is to get her aroused.

Shine Billones.

Rose has done a great job of revealing the core psychological aspects of masterful sex and his book should rightfully be considered a foundational tome on the subject. Showing Jul 11, Will Hunt added it. You9ll be able to have sex literally whenever you want J and it9ll be amazing, mind-blowing, break-the-bed sex every single time.

For me, the greatest benefit is that it6s freed up a ton of time to focus on two of my other passions helping guys through sex coaching, and martial arts.